Understading Alzheimer’s So You Can Find Appropriate Care

Senior woman with Alzheimer's sitting outside

One in ten people over the age of sixty-five will become a victim to the daunting disease of Alzheimer’s over the course of their life. Alzheimer’s is a slow and fatal disease that gradually consumes the human brain.

Although Alzheimer’s is incurable, and the cause is unknown, the more knowledge you hold as an individual about the disease will help you and your family
members come to peace and find appropriate care. To learn more about the physiological process of Alzheimer’s please watch the video below.

Understand Alzheimer’s Disease in 3 Minutes


What You Must Understand About Alzheimer’s

Although we cannot currently do much to stop or slow the process of Alzheimer’s, the most beneficial thing we can do is to understand how the disease works and how it effects our brain. A few important takeaways to remember are:

  • Alzheimer’s is a fatal disease that effects 10% of the population over the age of 65
  • Plaques and tangles begin to destroy the hippocampus thus leading to the overall takeover of the brain
  • The whole disease process lasts between 8 and 10 years.

Alzheimer’s can take away memories, language, logical thought, emotions and feelings, balance, coordination, respiratory and cardiac patterns of the victim. Knowledge is the most powerful tool we have over the disease.

Todd Goodman

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