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elderly man in assisted livingIt can be very difficult to make the decision to move a senior loved one into Assisted Living. The process can be overwhelming to evaluate the numerous options and understand the unfamiliar terminology. Many times your elderly family member does not feel ready to leave their home, or has preconceived notions of what to expect when it comes to elder care. Our team of knowledgeable Certified Senior Advisors at First Choice Senior Placement are here to help. Elder care options range from independent living communities where seniors can come and go as they please, to 24-hour in-home care, to various levels of assisted living accommodations. With First Choice Senior Placement, you benefit from:
  • Our advanced knowledge of aging;
  • Access to our wide-ranging resources to help you;
  • Our excellent relationships with senior service providers throughout Sacramento and the surrounding areas; and
  • Our extensive knowledge of every facility we recommend.
We have made it our mission to personally tour the senior care communities in the greater Sacramento area, and ensure that we only recommend care options that uphold our high standards for care and state compliance. If it is time to make the move into the assisted living lifestyle, you can trust our Certified Senior Advisors to recommend the best fit for your family member.

How a Certified Senior Advisor Simplifies the Senior Care Search

When you contact us for your senior placement consultation, we will be happy to accommodate a meeting by phone, email or in-person to discuss your current situation and the level of care required. Our discussion will include:

  • The Activities of Daily Living that require support.
  • The various care settings that meet the care level needed.
  • Social needs and desired activity level of the senior.
  • Preferred location.
  • Budget and insurance.

Next Steps:

After the initial consultation, your First Choice Senior Placement Advisor will develop a short list of recommended communities that are safe, appropriate, and fit the needs of the client and family.

Your First Choice Advisor will personally meet to discuss the suggested care options and accompany the family on tours of the recommended communities and care homes. Your Advisor will discuss the merits of each facility and help your family determine which is the best option.

Based on your decision, your Advisor will coordinate the transition and move in plan.

Your Advisor will follow up with you and the senior to make sure they are off to a good start and everyone is satisfied and on the same page.

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What are the types of options

Many of our beloved seniors come to us at a time when they need to leave their family home for some sort of Assisted Living. Not all people, however, have the same requirements for care.

Some are looking for a more independent option with a community environment, while others require a higher level of care. That is why we always conduct a complete senior assessment. We are committed to recommending an appropriate facility for each client that meets his or her requirements and abilities.

Independent Living and Retirement Communities

Independent living communities allow residents to live on their own in a private apartment or home that is easy to maintain. These communities have other like-minded seniors that provide companionship and social activities.

While seniors in independent living maintain their own residence and lifestyle, they have the option to take advantage of shuttle services and have tasks like weekly cleaning, laundry and meal preparation taken care of.

Many independent living communities also provide peace of mind that seniors can age in place since living assistance may be readily available if it is required in the future.

Assisted Living Communities

Assisted living communities provide help with activities of daily living. They offer cost-effective and flexible service options on a sliding scale based on the individual’s needs. The assisted living communities we recommend honor our client’s dignity and independence through their philosophy of “we will help you take care of yourself”. They may provide minimal care as well as a number of other amenities to simplify daily life.
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Residential Assisted Living Board and Care Homes

Residential Assisted Living, also known as Board and Care Homes, offer seniors a more home-like setting. These homes often have five or more beds and provide a greater level of hands-on care that may be ideal for situations that are more complex. Families with budget constraints may find that Board and Care homes offer more value. Board and Care homes offer meals, housekeeping, grooming and personal care, laundry, medication management, as well as social activities.

Memory Care / Alzheimer’s Care

If your loved one suffers from any form of dementia or Alzheimer’s, a facility that offers memory care can be a good fit for some. While Memory Care is often part of assisted living communities, the Memory Care environment has special accommodations that focus on the safety of the resident.

Trained staff and dedicated programming helps patients to maximize their potential and creates a safe environment for seniors who may otherwise be a danger to themselves.

In Home Care

Needing assistance does not always mean leaving your home. In Home Care options may include cooking, cleaning, bathing and grooming – all of which allow an otherwise healthy senior to remain in their home instead of moving straight into residential care.

Respite Care

senior care placement assistance for couplesMany caregivers find that there are times that they need assistance in caring for their elderly family member. Do you have a senior needing extra care following a surgery or illness? As the primary caregiver, do you need an opportunity to handle other family commitments, work obligations or simply take a vacation?

We can offer short-term solutions and peace of mind!

Respite Care refers to stays that are typically under 30 days. Through Respite Care, First Choice will ensure the chain of care is unbroken for your loved one.