Are Assisted Living Facilities Accepting New Residents During COVID-19?

you can move into assisted living during coronavirus
Is it possible to move into assisted living in the Greater Sacramento Area during COVID-19?

As of March 2021 most communities in Sacramento and Placer County are accepting new residents. Watch our update below.

A question that we get a lot is:

Is it possible to move into assisted living during this COVID time? And if so, what does it really look like?

Moving Into Assisted Living While Coronavirus Restrictions are Still in Effect

Watch the video now! Prefer to read? Here’s the gist of what else senior placement experts, Todd and Kelley, spoke about in this video clip.

The State of Assisted Living Placement – Spring 2021

Early March 2021, is where we’re sitting at today. The last year and a half for everybody and, in particular, anything to do with assisted living and senior citizens has been a super changing and evolving and fluid situation.

I think that continues today. It’s really fluid. It’s dynamic. And different places have different issues in progress.

Right now, in my opinion, things are definitely heading in the right direction in terms of assisted living and memory care, and even in home care to a certain point.

So in assisted living communities, in the Greater Sacramento area, there’s almost 800 licensed assisted living providers. Everybody is making progress and has learned so much in terms of proactive measures and how to keep it [COVID] at bay. Everybody, for the most part, is doing really great.

Most Sacramento Area Assisted Living Facilities are Accepting New Residents

I think it’s still definitely possible to move into almost any community right now. Everybody, depending on if there’s an active case, or cases with staff or residents, might have some different protocols or policies, but it’s totally doable 95% of the time.

COVID Vaccination Rates Are High in Assisted Living Facilities

The vaccine has been rolled out over the last month or so in most of the large places, and the small residential care homes. Some people are fully vaccinated with their two shots, some are one shot and you know, in the next week or two will have their second shot for residents and staff. So tons of progress there.

What I’m hearing is that generally it’s favorable and things are going good and allowing the communities to open up even further. Many facilities are now allowing face to face visits with family, and some even allow family visits right into the residents own apartment. Every facility is a little bit different in that way, but good progress and things are moving forward.

So I think that’s really great news. Hopefully that continues. We’ll update with another video as the situation warrants.